Yoga for the whole family.

We are an inclusive yoga studio where families can grow and connect together.

We offer non-hot yoga for families, adults, seniors, teens and young people, along with specialized classes and workshops in our studio, in Maple Valley, WA.

YogaFamily is a fabulous studio. It is spacious and comfortable. A hidden gem in Maple Valley, easily accessible from Renton and Issaquah. Love it! -Alicia

I went in to Yoga Family not knowing what to expect. It was AMAZING. I went to Yoga for Peace and Calm with Bobbie and left feeling fantastic. I look forward to trying the other classes in the upcoming week! -Bambi

"I brought my 2 and 4 year olds here to try a class and we all loved it! The studio is great and has an area with toys for the kids to play in upstairs before class. I highly recommend this studio." -Marisa

My two daughters and I went to the Yoga Family family yoga tonight and it was wonderful! My kids had a blast, I didn't feel the need to be some perfect yogi master, and we all got a fun lesson in yoga. They even had mats to rent out, which was great since that hadn't even occurred to me. Thanks! -Jenn

Family Yoga  In family classes, our mission is to connect families through yoga. Yoga is a great way to get movement and quality time together, even if you have no prior experience. In addition to family yoga, adults and young people can have their own classes at the same time in our two studios. See schedule here.

Yoga for Young People

 Young people are already naturally curious and exploring their physical capabilities all the time. They are connected to their creativity, imagination and curiosity. Yoga connects both young people and adults in that place where mind, breath and body are one. See our schedule and class descriptions for details.

Adaptive and non-intimidating classes Had an injury recently, or been out of classes for a while? Have an auto immune disease or another chronic condition? Just beginning or want a break from hot yoga? We have classes for you! See the schedule here and feel free to contact us with questions here.

Prenatal Yoga, Baby & Me and Toddlers

We love nurturing moms from pregnancy through the early years of raising a young person. It's not easy, and community and the calm and movement from yoga helps. We have prenatal classes, plus baby and me, where moms, dads and caregivers are welcome to come with their brand new little ones. See schedule for current weekly classes, and see our prenatal/baby & me page for special series options!



Yoga for Teens As a teen, yoga is a way to both connect more deeply with yourself, as well as with other people. It helps you understand your emotions better, appreciate yourself exactly as you are, and relieves anxiety and stress. Teens and tweens can join any “adult” class.


Body Positive Yoga

Being body positive is about learning to listen to our bodies, and breaking down the stigma around weight. We have Body Positive Yoga every Wednesday night at 8pm, and it is also a philosophy that we stand behind as a studio for all of our classes. We are a weight neutral and weight inclusive studio. Read more about this in our Ethics Statement and come check out a class!


 If you don't want to choose between spending time with your children and doing yoga, want your young people to have a safe, quality activity, or are intimidated by the thought of starting or returning to yoga, we have the classes for you!