Beginner/Back to Basics Yoga Series

Have you been thinking of trying yoga but weren’t sure if you would feel comfortable in a class? In this series, you can come experience a class setting, along with specific information and support. Great for those entirely new to yoga or those wanting more information on the basics and background of yoga. Each session will include both information and movement.

WHEN: 4-Week Series - Next one will be starting after the first of the year. In the meantime, all of our classes are beginner-friendly, meaning we welcome beginners, and our pace of class allows for us to break down poses for yoga newbies! Depending on your movement ability, we can recommend specific classes if you email us at Also, let the instructor know that you are a beginner when you come to class. And, look for special beginner workshops between now and the start of the next series!

COST: $65 - for the 4 sessions
Add on unlimited yoga for the duration of the class, so you can attend any other classes while you are participating in the series: $20 ($85 total)

Next session: January 21 - February 11th, Mondays, 7-8:00pm

Information you can expect to receive:

Yoga poses breakdown
How to keep growing in your yoga practice
Background of yoga - historical context, yoga beyond poses
Yoga mechanics - what are the similarities and differences between yoga and fitness? What are the benefits? What are the precautions?
Meditation - why and what are the options
Tips on practicing in a studio, practicing at home, etc.


You will receive a packet of information along with your participation so you will have notes and references after the classes.


(Who is included? Here at YogaFamily, we welcome people and families of all shapes, sizes, ages, genders and abilities. No kidding. You do not have to be flexible, able-bodied, skinny, or anything else to practice yoga. In fact, part of the work of yoga is learning to listen to your body to find your own practice that is right for YOUR body, not someone else’s.)