eARTh Yoga

4-week yoga and art series for young people inspired by the seasons with Joann O'Meara

Winter Series:
4-Week Series - Mondays Starting January 22nd through February 12th, 4:00-5:15pm, Ages 4-7

The aim of Earth yoga is to introduce children to the natural world through art and yoga. The workshops will introduce what happens in nature through movement in yoga and exploration in art. Each class will focus on an individual characteristic of the season and foster a growing sense of creativity while working on skills such as coordination and teamwork and inherently learning about the cycles of natures, all while having fun!

Cost: $65 for all 4 weeks ($50 if young people have monthly/quarterly/annual memberships)

Minimum of 5 participants required by 1/21.


Summer Camps

Camps include yoga games, stories, crafts, and yoga time, with age-appropriate poses and mindfulness exercises. Each week will have its own theme and lesson plans!

Summer Camps are completed for 2017!

Please check back soon for Spring Break and Summer Camps! (No winter break camp due to a short school break in the Tahoma School District - but we may have some special events - stay tuned!)

Camp testimonials:

Amazing! — Grady, age 6

Thank you, Alexis had a blast! -Tania

My son Jaydon went to summer camp last year with his brother. Going into the camp, he struggled, at 8 years old, with depression and insomnia and he was seeing a counselor who also diagnosed him with severe anxiety. He loved the camp and said it made him feel calm. In the evenings after camp, he would announce he was going to "meditate" in his room, which basically meant that he went into his room and was able to take a few minutes and relax before bed, and he was able to go to sleep much faster. This was a surprise just because, in his counseling, when we would teach him to meditate or count when he was getting upset, he refused to try it and said that it was "stupid." Well, shortly after that and going to yoga summer camp where he learned with other kids, he loves it and does it at home!  Thank you so much!!  -Angie