Welcome! We're glad you found us! We offer non-hot yoga for families, adults, teens and young people, along with specialized classes and workshops. If you don't want to choose between spending time with your children and doing yoga, or are intimidated by the thought of starting or returning to yoga, we have the classes for you!

We have…

  • Classes for all ages, from infants to seniors, and  all abilities

  • 30-40+ classes weekly including family, teen and young people classes

  • Two rooms, so we can have classes with adults in one studio and young people in another - so families can come together but still have their own class!

  • No mirrors - come as you are! Plus bolsters, blankets, blocks, and more.

  • 5 yoga instructors for young people with a combined 25 years of childhood education experience, and 8 adult yoga instructors with a combined 25 years of yoga experience.

Parents, Young People & Teens

Yoga for Families

In our family classes, our mission is to connect families through yoga. Yoga is a great way to get movement and quality time together and learn poses, even if you have no prior experience. 

Doing yoga with your children is a fantastic way to spend time with them, creating a bonding opportunity and teaching them lifelong skills about healthy living, exercise and stress management.

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Yoga for Young People

We have 5 young people yoga instructors with a total of 25 years of experience in childhood education. All of our teachers have specialized training for working with children. Each quarterly lesson plan and monthly theme brings fun to classes with elements of play, songs, games and of course yoga poses. Even challenging poses, because young people love being challenged! 


Specialized Classes


Had an injury recently, or been out of classes for a while? Have an auto immune disease or another chronic condition? Need extra assistance and props, or are just beginning? We have classes that are designed for you. Great places to start can be beginner yoga, restorative yoga, and chair yoga. Read more in the class descriptions, and feel free to contact us with questions at yogafamilyinc@gmail.com.

"It was a great opportunity to spend time with Amelia, while both of us were physically active, and a great introduction to what will hopefully become a lifetime healthy habit for her!" -Becky Glaze, mom & new teacher

Yesterday I finally got back to yoga and I couldn't be happier with the new studio I found (only 2 miles from my house--bonus!). I highly recommend this wonderful place! Jennifer is amazing and the space is perfect! -Janie L.

I just finished my first class at YogaFamily tonight! I felt very comfortable for someone who's been out of shape for a long time. Owners and teachers super easy to talk to. I signed up for more!  -Jessica B.