Empower families and communities.

Ethics Statement

As a yoga business created for empowering families and communities, we commit to the following:

We believe all families deserve freedom, fun, love and connection, regardless of their past, present or future circumstances. We recognize that in western culture, there is a “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” mentality that encourages competition, often at the expense of connection in families and communities, which can lead to guilt and shame, and further disconnection. All families are valuable and welcome at YogaFamily.

We believe that children are simply younger versions of adults. This is why we primarily use the term “young people” when referring to children, to remind us that they are simply younger versions of us, thus deserving of the same respect we would give to each other. Young people and teens have value, and their opinions, thoughts and perspectives are valued by owners, staff and instructors at YogaFamily.

We believe that yoga is for every body, including every age, gender, color, shape and size, and yoga, and while it offers a great complement to fitness, offers benefits beyond it as well.  We realize that not every body is reflected in modern western yoga practice. Yoga is merged with fitness in western culture, and like fitness, it can be framed as a "cis-gendered, white woman" problem. All bodies are welcomed and respected at YogaFamily, and we encourage all students to explore the benefits beyond fitness. Yoga is an ancient discipline and practice that offers mindfulness, relaxation and peeling away of things that are superficial in our lives.

We believe that everyone's health journey is different.  We recognize the growth of “healthism” in the culture around us. Healthism is an ideology that focuses on health as an end goal. Healthy is the new skinny, and factors of systemic oppression, family history, geography, biology, body types, eating disorders and years of focus on body image are ignored. Therefore, rather than focusing on getting healthy as an end goal, the focus is on supporting one’s journey in life, whatever that looks like. At YogaFamily, we meet people where they are at and offer support where each person wants to grow and gain acceptance for themselves. Therefore, being healthy supports a meaningful life of service to one's family, their community and the world, rather than a goal in itself.

We believe in "Health at Every Size." Within the realm of healthism and the fitness industry, there is also a focus on controlling weight. Diets don't work, and weight has shown to be a poor factor for determining health. There are many body types - tall, skinny, short, fat, and all of these can be healthy. YogaFamily is committed that the narrative around yoga practice and its purpose and usefulness is supportive of Health at Every Size.

We believe that seeing yoga as an optional undertaking empowers the experience of yoga. When there is no moral imperative that any individual or family undertake a yoga practice, and one path isn’t morally superior to another, the experience of practicing is more freeing and joyful.

We believe black lives matter, and no human is illegal. We believe this because we believe all lives matter, and recognize there is a real, lingering and largely unacknowledged discrimination of ethnic minorities in our country. YogaFamily provides an open space where people of color are welcome. We are not colorblind, nor do we try to be; rather, we recognize and welcome diversity.

We believe that people are the gender they identify for themselves. In line with this, owners, staff and instructors use the pronoun of a person’s choice and create a welcome environment.

Finally, we believe yoga is a tool that fits every religion and culture, or no religion. All persons will be  welcome no matter their religion, culture, ethnicity or any personal belief system.

Values & Promises

  • Integrity - Honesty, honoring our word, and consideration of others besides ourselves
  • Ownership - Owning our mistakes, to create an environment of authenticity and safety
  • Community - We work together to solve problems , create and  enact new ideas, and take advantage of opportunities. We grow and experience life together. We are responsible to the community around us. If we aren't here to make a difference, we don't deserve to be here
  • Extraordinary Customer Service - People experience being seen and acknowledged in our space, and we are willing to hold space for uncomfortable conversations and questions
  • Persistence - The drive to keep moving forward, engage in ongoing learning, and continue to create a better studio, a better community, and a better world
  • Technology - we use it, it doesn't use us. We adopt new technologies and use them to empower our goals and mission
  • Stability - Consistency in the face of changes and an imbalanced world