Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a min/max age for the baby and me yoga class?

There is no minimum age to attend the baby and me yoga class. The class is designed for non-mobile babies, so no specific range of motion is needed. If they need additional support to lie down on the mat, we can secure them with baby blankets or you can leave them in a carrier. The songs and gentle movements/infant massage are still appropriate for brand new babies, and you'll get  your own stretches in too.

There is no maximum age requirements, but rather, once your little one is actively traveling across the room, we recommend our Crawlers class or Whole Family yoga, both designed to accommodate little ones crawling around.

My child is "x" age, can I bring them to a class for a different age group?

We understand that every child is at a different level when it comes to social and motor skills, so young people are welcome to try multiple classes to find the right fit for their comfort level.