Parents Night Out!


Let us teach your young people yoga while you have time away!

Having trouble getting a sitter? Want your young people to have a fun, healthy activity and get out of the house while you go on your date night or go out for the evening by yourself? We'll entertain them, and teach them yoga! We'll have games, crafts and other fun yoga-related activities as well.

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We have a yoga class for adults at 5:30pm as well, so come for yoga before your night out if you'd like!

Time: 5:00pm-9:00pm

The third Friday of each month: Sept. 15th / Oct. 20th / Nov. 17th / Dec. 15th

Cost: $30 for the evening (use as much of the 4 hours as you'd like) for the first young person, $15 for each additional young person.