Prenatal, Postnatal & New Baby Yoga

At YogaFamily, all of our yoga is non-hot and accessible for many bodies, making most classes prenatal-friendly. We have specific classes listed in our weekly schedule that are most ideal for pregnant mamas.

We also welcome new babies to join any adult class with their parent or caregiver. Often the baby stays in their carrier, but if you are attending with a new little one, you are welcome to take them out as well, and care and breastfeed for them as needed. We have a diaper changing table in our dressing room for your convenience.

We also have specific series for pre and postnatal moms and Baby and Me Yoga. Our current programs available for booking are:

Prenatal Yoga 8-week Series with Joann O'Meara

Cost: $95

When: Tuesdays 7:00-8:00pm, July 24 - September 11

Joann O'Meara will be leading an 8-week prenatal yoga series. This class is designed for pregnant women throughout all 9 months of pregnancy. Poses are modified as needed to support and strengthen the woman's ever-changing body. With the inclusion of breath and relaxation along with poses, we nurture both the physical and emotional health of soon-to-be-moms.