Our Teachers

Our teachers are full of dedication and love for the classes they teach and the people in them, as well as experience in the areas in which they specialize. If you are interested in teaching any of our family, young people or adult classes, or bringing your own type of class that fits our focus on families and diversity, we would love to talk to you! Please contact us.


Heather Church

Teaches Pre & Postnatal,  Slow Flow, Teens & Restorative Yoga

I began practicing yoga off and on about 15 years ago.  I had been away from yoga for quite a while when I started practicing consistently in early 2016. I was on a journey to wellness trying to find relief from symptoms related to thyroid disease and hashimoto’s disease.  I found that through practicing yoga, I felt better physically as well as emotionally.  I received my 200 hour vinyasa certification from Sattva Yoga in Redmond. In addition, I received a second certification, yoga for athletes. Having been an athlete for most of my life, I know what an impact yoga can have in the life of an athlete. Yoga helps athletes of all ages and disciplines with breathing, focus, proprioception, flexibility, and strength. I especially enjoy working with beginners and those who are intimidated by yoga, and helping them to feel comfortable starting out.


Joann O'Meara

Teaches Yoga+Art workshops and Young People Yoga

I am a nature, art and yoga enthusiast teaching and combining all three whenever possible. Promoting creative life outdoors is my aim, to nurture a life in nature. Originally from Dublin, Ireland with a BA in Fine Art Painting, I bringsa cultural and creative mix to yoga with a focus on alignment and enjoyment!


Elaine Lucke

Teaches Gentle/Beginner Yoga & Yin-Yasa

Elaine’s interest in anatomy first led her to massage school in 2005. A long-time yoga student she found that increasingly she was going to the yoga mat to find peace and ease in her own body physically, but also was interested in diving in deeper to what yoga has to offer for the mind and spirit. Eventually this led to attending a 200-hour Yoga Alliance yoga teacher training. She loves sharing yoga with others and helping them to explore what feels good in their body. Her teaching style is best described as organic. Elaine enjoys teaching slow flow and beginners yoga. She strives for her the students to feel light-hearted and accomplished and leave with a smile after her classes.


Saralyn Whitney

Co-owner, Family, Young People & Adult Instructor

I love working with children and families and am committed to people having lives and communities that work. I have a passion for helping families reconnect through times of struggle. My idea for YogaFamily came from a time in my life when my own family was working through emotional trauma and my husband and I were both working a lot of hours. I wanted to have a place to do yoga with my son, so I could have quality time together and an opportunity to bond in a safe, healthy space. Since then, I have discovered all of the amazing things yoga really can do for both kids and adults, and am focused on creating a safe space for kids and adults to practice together.

I have completed Next Generation Yoga’s training for Young People Ages 2-7, Global Family Yoga’s family yoga teacher certification course, and my 200-hour adult training certification through Sattva Yoga in Redmond with Ali Valdez. Each piece gave me an important part of working with adults and young people. I also worked with staff and leadership at Landmark Worldwide, completing their Curriculum for Living, work that focuses on creating breakthrough performance and designing one's life.

Erika Covey

Teaches Vinyasa Yoga


Boni Love

Co-Owner & Young Person Yoga Teacher

Boni Love is a passionate yogi and mother of two. She received her completion certification from Next Generation Yoga for Ages 2-7. Throughout her career, Boni has founded and operated several businesses beginning with the Creative Garden Preschool from 1996-2004, followed by Jamerica Motors Auto Repair in Renton and Four Corners Auto Tech in Maple Valley. She received her degree in early childhood education was back in 1992 and has been working with children in an educational capacity in the 25 years since then. She has expertise in working with special needs children and facilitating trainings for parents. She is currently working as a Paraeducator in the Special Education Department for the Tahoma School District.


Angela Wilson

Teaches Kundalini Yoga

Angela is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She has been practicing and studying Kundalini Yoga for over a decade. Angela loves to share the immense benefits of the mind, body, and spirit connection that Kundalini Yoga helps to manifest in ones life. She creates and holds a safe and calm space for students of all levels to explore their curiosity and the sacred levels Kundalini yoga. In the winter time she spends some of her weekends teaching Snow Skiing. She enjoys spending time with family, friends and dreams of building a community of like minded yogis! Sat Nam


Bobbie Covello

Subs Yoga for Peace & Calm (Pre- & Post-natal friendly) & Prenatal Yoga

Patanjali defines yoga as the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind in the Yoga Sutras. As a busy mom and with a high stress job, I have been called to yoga for just this reason--to calm the mind in a world where information and activity can overwhelm. I completed my 200-hour teacher training in 2013 with the intent of being able to share the peace and tranquility I find on the mat with others. My focus is on safe alignment, cultivating a practice space that is welcoming and accessible, and creating an oasis of calm in a busy world.