Family/young people testimonials...

I did yoga just like momma! — Amelia, age 4

Amazing! — Grady, age 6

I felt the calmest I've ever been!  -Max Lewis, Age 9

My boys and I are absolutely loving our classes at YogaFamily in Maple Valley. They get to get their zen on in a fun and safe environment while I do my yoga class downstairs. Truly amazing. There's a wonderful variety of classes to choose from and the studio is gorgeous. ❤️  -Kelsy

We greatly enjoy our family yoga time! I appreciate the thought and heart that the instructors put into their curriculums. I love that it helps my kindergartner learn to slow down, breathe and listen to his body. It's a fabulous bonding time! — Laura

My son and I went to prenatal yoga this morning and it was AMAZING, the class was so refreshing and the teachers were excellent. — Amanda

My son Jaydon went to summer camp last year with his brother. Going into the camp, he struggled, at 8 years old, with depression and insomnia and he was seeing a counselor who also diagnosed him with severe anxiety. He loved the camp and said it made him feel calm. In the evenings after camp, he would announce he was going to "meditate" in his room, which basically meant that he went into his room and was able to take a few minutes and relax before bed, and he was able to go to sleep much faster. This was a surprise just because, in his counseling, when we would teach him to meditate or count when he was getting upset, he refused to try it and said that it was "stupid." Well, shortly after that and going to yoga summer camp where he learned with other kids, he loves it and does it at home!  Thank you so much!!  -Angie

The kids (8,4) and I just attended our first ever yoga class at Yoga Family behind the Shell, next to Blue Dot...This place is pretty dang cool. SUPER cool owner, locally owned, and just getting started. The kids loved it. We played games, acted like animals, and created a story...kind of like posting and commenting on this page. They offer all sorts of different classes! It's NOT at all intimidating, even for someone with the incredible Adonis figure such as mine. The fact is once I got down I was afraid they'd have to call 911 to get me up. I also thought yoga might be a little weird, maybe a bunch of freak shows in tights smoking funny incense and beating on drums. Not at all the case! In fact, I was the only one in tights. I admit, I love my Nike compression pants. Playing frog, acting like a bear, and cuddling with my kids at the end made this a very fun hour, and we'll definitely be back! -Andy

"It was a great opportunity to spend time with Amelia, while both of us were physically active, and a great introduction to what will hopefully become a lifetime healthy habit for her!" — Becky

"I brought my 2 and 4 year olds here to try a class and we all loved it! The studio is great and has an area with toys for the kids to play in upstairs before class. I highly recommend this studio." -Marisa

My two daughters and I went to the Yoga Family family yoga tonight and it was wonderful! My kids had a blast, I didn't feel the need to be some perfect yogi master, and we all got a fun lesson in yoga. They even had mats to rent out, which was great since that hadn't even occurred to me. Thanks! -Jenn

Love the new family #yoga studio in our community! I was able to take an amazing #vinyassa class this morning and this little lady got to take a class all on her own, tailored towards her age group. She's showing off a few of her favorite poses that she learned. 😊. There are even classes that we can take together. Beautiful studio and wonderful instructors... can't wait to take her back! Thanks @saralyn.whitney !!  -Tania




Adult classes testimonials...

I loved how Heather worked with my specific limitations and also made sure I was doing the poses correctly. She helped me align my body properly, so that I didn't injure myself, or put any stress on certain areas. I love how the classes at YogaFamily aren't competitive. Everyone is human, and we all have different bodies and different abilities. YogaFamily makes sure we all know that. Thank you all for making me feel happy and comfortable in my practice. -Lindsay

For years, I've challenged any yogi to get me to like yoga. Well, Anna Louise Chapman picked up the challenge and deftly lobbed it over to Saralyn Whitney, and by golly she is winning. I think I get it now. All it took was a whole passel of yoga props and two people who understand that I need to stay at home in my body, just the way it is. So thank you ladies. -Kristy Fassio, Fit From Within owner and Body Positive fitness pro

Yesterday I finally got back to yoga and I couldn't be happier with the new studio I found (only 2 miles from my house--bonus!). I highly recommend this wonderful place! Jennifer is amazing and the space is perfect! -Janie

I just finished my first class at YogaFamily tonight! I felt very comfortable for someone who's been out of shape for a long time. Owners and teachers super easy to talk to. I signed up for more!  -Jessica Briere

Huge thank you to Saralyn for inviting me to come to Yoga for Peace and Calm with Bobbie. It was exactly what I needed. -Bambi

That [restorative class] was like yoga chocolate!!! -Lindsay

Anya and I finally had a chance to go to a class tonight. It was their restorative class with an awesome instructor. Can't wait to try their other classes! -Thuy

The atmosphere is inviting and calming. The instructors and owners are the same. It definitely encourages a focused and peaceful practice. -Chrystal

Yoga Family is a fabulous studio. It is spacious and comfortable. A hidden gem in Maple Valley, easily accessible from Renton and Issaquah. Love it! -Alicia

I went in to Yoga Family not knowing what to expect. It was AMAZING. I went to Yoga for Peace and Calm with Bobbie and left feeling fantastic. I look forward to trying the other classes in the upcoming week! -Bambi

I've attended YogaFamily's mind and body positive yoga class three times now, and am totally hooked. I never thought of myself as the kind of person who does any kind of fitness classes, but here I am showing up and having lots of fun!

The class size is fairly small, which is great because each of us gets personal attention. We spend quite a bit of time experimenting with the poses and props to find what works for our specific bodies. As a plus size woman, this is really important to me, because my body simply doesn't move the same way a smaller person's body would.

Saralyn's teaching style is a great match for this type of class because she's not afraid to be vulnerable herself. She sometimes refers to notes, she can't magically do every pose known to man, and she uses props herself in many poses. Those small things make me feel a lot more comfortable not being particularly "good" at this myself.

In each class we take a bit of time to check in with our bodies, and she helps keep us centered and present within our bodies throughout the class. I never feel like my bigger body is a problem for her, and it's clear that she's genuinely interested in how my body moves and the modifications that might make a pose work for me.

In fact, last week I *finally* was able to do child's pose in a way that felt good and opened up my hips a bit for the first time, using some props and Saralyn's guidance. I also did a teeny tiny backbend for the first time, which is something I never thought my body would be able to do.

Overall, I highly recommend YogaFamily's mind and body positive class and am excited to try some of their other classes as well. -Lindley