Family & Young People Yoga

Family, young people and teen classes run in series. Open for registration currently is the spring series programs, running May 19th through June 29th.

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What are family and young people yoga all about? What are classes like?


Family Yoga

Whole Family Yoga is great for bonding time, learning together and teamwork. Classes have a variety of poses, songs and activities for a variety of ages, with always a little something for everyone!

Family classes being with breathing to connect and welcome the group, yoga poses incorporated into various activities, partner poses, and svasana (rest pose!) at the end. Families can cuddle together or stay on their own mats for svasana. It’s always such a joy to see families connecting!

Often, observation is participation with young people, so we encourage parents to not be too concerned if their young people are not participating in each activity or pose. They are still participating! It’s important that they are able to participate at the level they are comfortable with, which allows them to get the most out of the class, and want to come back! It’s not uncommon to have a young person who does very little in the class, go home and that night, do the poses on their own before bedtime! It’s ok to just enjoy your time together.


Young People Yoga

Our yoga classes for young people are designed to nurture the natural development occurring at each age through play, including songs, stories, art and joyful movement. Yoga means “union” in sanskrit and refers to the union of the mind, body and spirit. For young people yoga, we teach this balance through developmentally appropriate yoga poses, breathing techniques, and yoga philosophy, which is most often as simple as, “check in with your partner” and “it’s ok to listen to your body and not do a pose if it doesn’t feel right” (ahimsa - non-harming - one of the yamas from the 1st limb of yoga).

Yoga benefits a child’s relationship with their inner world. Just like in adult yoga, we go to the mat to “return” to what is always inside of us. Young people (in their original state) are already naturally curious and exploring their physical capabilities all the time. They are very body-aware and connected to their creativity, imagination and curiosity. Yoga connects us to that place where mind, breath and body are one. What a beautiful gift yoga is to support “the work” of childhood!


Teen Yoga

Teen yoga gives teens a chance to have a class for themselves. It addresses the needs of teens through yoga poses, breathing techniques and teamwork. Through yoga, teens gain greater confidence, emotional and mental balance, ability to focus and be calm, physical strength and flexibility and support for their best physical, mental and emotional health. The variety of joint movement and strengthening and stretching is also significantly helpful for balancing out repetitive movements from sports activities, bending over a desk or phone, and other repetitive routines.